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Classical Greece


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1.Name of the Key Naval Battle Site during the Second Persian War
6.Name of the Key Land Battle where 300 Spartans died in the defense of Greece during the Second Persian War
7.Greek writer that is generally considered to be the first historian
11.Greek philosopher that wrote The Republic, the first major work of political philosophy
12.Aristotle's most famous student
13.City that served as the center of Hellenistic Culture
16.Greek dramatist who wrote the play Oedipus Rex
19.Name of the Key Land Battle Site during the First Persian War
21.A long narrative poem that celebrates heroic deeds
22.Name of Homer's epic poem about the long journey home of one of the Greek heroes of the Trojan War
2.Philosopher that questioned the nature of the world and of human belief, thought, and knowledge
3.Term for a piece of land that extends out into a body of water
4.Stories that the Greeks employed in order to understand the mysteries of nature and the power of human passions
5.The name given to the peninsula that forms the southern part of Greece
6.Greek writer who wrote The History of the Pelopponesian War and is generally considered to be the first political scientist
8.Greek city-state that was the major rival to the city of Athens
9.Greek term for the fundamental political unit in ancient Greece
10.Form of government in which a few powerful people rule a given territory
14.Term that is applied when the people govern or rule themselves; it literally means "people rule"
15.Term the Greeks used to define a serious drama about common themes such as love, hate, war, and betrayal.
17.Person that served as the leader of the city-state of Athens during its golden age
18.Greek philosopher that taught his students using a question-and-answer approach
20.Long poem that celebrates the heroes of the Trojan War such as Achilles and Hector

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