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The Scientifc Method

Mrs. Smuczynski

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2.Data that can be observed but not measured; data that describes qualities: colors, appearance, tastes...
5.Very detailed directions or steps to be followed when conducting an experiment
7.A tentative explanation for an obsersvation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested further by further investigation or experimentation
9.The part of the experiment that is NOT being tested but instead is used for comparison
11.The measure of the amount of space an object takes up
13.A conclusion must used ____________ from the data gathered during the experiment.
16.In an experiment, controlled variables are also called_______________ . Scientists use these to ensure the experiment results are valid, credible, believable
17.Standard unit of mass in the metric system; base unit of mass; (g)
18.The variable or variables that the scientist will measure in response to what they have tested or experimented on; must be measurable quantitatively
20.Standard unit of length in the metric system'base unit of length; (m)
22.Equipment used to measure mass
25.A systematic way scientists solve problems about the natural world around us
1.A precise piece of lab equipment used to measure volume
3.A variable in an experiment that the scientist tests or changes (manipulates) to see what will happen in an experiment; there is only one
4.Information acquired by observation or experimentation; it includes both quantitative and qualitative data
6.Data that can be measured numerically; data that can be counted or measured
8.Example of qualitative data
10.When measuring, the greater the number of _________, the more precise the equipment is
12.The curve that liquid makes on the sides of a glass container
14.Example of quantitative data
15.When an experiment is finished, scientists graph and analyze their data and then write a __________ to summarize the results of an experiment.
19.After experimenting and collecting data, scientists organize the data in this type of diagram to visually display data clear and concisely
21.When reading a meniscus, the graduated cylinder should be set on a flat surface, with the eye level with the _______ of the meniscus.
23.When starting to find the mass of an object using a balance, the pointer and the ______ should all be at zero.
24.Standard unit of volume in the metric system; base unit of volume; (L)

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