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Minoans, Minos and Minotaurs, Oh My!

Mrs. Fisher

Use what you have learned from the Legend of the Minotaur to complete the crossword puzzle. First pair done wins a homework pass!

1 2 3
7         8 9            
10 11             12  
  13 14                
15               16          
  17       18
19         20    

4.the Minotaur's father and Pasiphae's "lover"
7.the island home of the Minotaur
9.palace city on the island of Crete
11.son of King Aegeus who killed the Minotaur
14.elaborate maze
15.Greek god of wine who appeared to Theseus in a dream
16.king of Athens
17.king of Crete
19.daughter of King Minos, who helped Theseus
1.the color sail that Theseus neglected to raise on the way back to Athens
2.the color of the sails of the ship sent from Crete for the sacrifice
3.island where Theseus left Ariadne
5.Greek god of the sea who was angry with King Minos
6.the sea named after King Aegeus
8.architect of the labyrinth
10.the "secret weapon" that helped Theseus find his way out of the labyrinth
12.the total number of Athenian men and women sent to Crete for sacrifice
13.half bull, half man creature
18.the real weapon used to kill the Minotaur
20.number of years that the King of Athens sent his "sacrifice"

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