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Chapter 3

Jamie and Sarah

All of the vocabulary in each chapter

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4     5
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2.what the government owes (2 Words)
6.general decrease in the price of goods and services
7.when a government spends more than they collect through taxes, the difference in amount (2 Words)
9.rise in business activity after a recession or depression
10.when economic activity slows down
11.total value of the goods and services produced in a country on a given year
12.general increase in the price of goods and services
1.level of material comfort as measured by the goods and services that are available (3 Words)
3.rise and fall of economic activity (2 Words)
4.peak of economic activity
5.when a governments revenue exceeds it expenditures during a one year period (2 Words)
8.deep recession that affects the whole economy and lasts for years

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