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Watson's Human Caring Theory

Kimbery Peppers

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1.Caring factor - Cultivation of __________to one's self and to others
4.Caring factor - ____________and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings
6.An assumption of Watson's is caring is an ______________ human process and is the moral ideal of nursing.
8._____________ caring relationships convey a concern for the inner life world and subjective meaning for another.
10.occurs whenever the nurse and another come together in a given moment for human-human transaction. (2 words)
13.Metaparadigm concept - is viewed holistically, as the unity between the physical, social, mental and spiritual self with all parts working together in harmony
15.The _______factors provde a focus for nursing phenomena.
16.Metaparadigm concept - is subjective and unique, not objectve or predictable
17.Metaparadigm concept - providing caring, professional and thoughtful interactions to restore and promote holistic health
2.An assumption of Watson's is caring can be effectively demonstrated only ___________.
3.Watson stresses the improtance of the _________ experience of not only the client but the nurse as well.
5.Watson considers her work to be a _____________foundation for professional nursing.
7.Greek word " to cherish"
9.Individual healing can be strengthened through __________ caring relationships
11.Caring factor - ___________ with gratification of human needs
12.Metaparadigm concept - contains noise, privacy, light, access to nature, color, space and smells that can have an impact on the caring healing process
14.Main theme in Watson's theory

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