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Hardware/Software Vocabulary

Information Technology

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1.Small chip that performs calculations and carries out all the instructions you give to your computer
5.Smallest unit of information
8.A group of computers connected together
10.The main program that makes your computer work (2 Words)
11.Large storage area
13.When a user enters information into a computer
18.Lets you do different tasks on your computer (2 Words)
19.Set of instructions that makes it possible for your computer to perform tasks
20.Temporary information that your computer uses
21.An icon that is a direct link to a file or folder
2.Helps you control your computer and keep it in good runnign condition (2 Words)
3.A word typed into a search box that matches the topic you are looking for
4.Save a file (2 Words)
6.Used by one person at a time (2 Words)
7.Type in one or more keywords (2 Words)
9.Collection of data
12.Permanent information on your computer
14.The building block for all information that flows through a computer
15.Collection of physical devices that make up your computer system
16.Duplicate, or copy a file (2 Words)
17.A place to save or organize files

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