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Howard Beal's speeches from "Network"

SRD Arratoon-Halden

read the major speeches for the answers

1 2         3      
10       11
14   15                

2.what do we (they) deal in, man?
6.things you need
8.this system is like the weave of a cloth -it crosses over and under. it's ...
9.first part of Howard's chant (4 words)How angry is Howard? (2,3,2,4)
12.means to shout about America and democracy - like a dog or wolf?
13.what can this tube do to or for presidents, popes and prime ministers? (3 words-4.2,5)
15."you dress like the tube etc..." Her's talking about the power to influence people through ................or copying
16.(3 words- 3,8, 6) there is no diversity but only this unity.
1.money which flows like electricity?
3.(2 words) IBM, ITT, DuPont, Dow etc - are all ind.........(manufacturing) c........(bodies)
4.means not changing. non speaking item of furniture?
5.what is described as " a circus ; a carnival, a travelling troupe of ..."?
7.the elements of the vast system effect each other with their actions (present continuous)
9.what you have to do to make things right when you have done wrong. Musical sound?
10.according to the chairman there are none of these (countries)
11.present continuous verb-the illusions we are creating like a spider or a maker of cloth
14.another name for televion scrteen - source of "truth"

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