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The Bet

Erin Cahoj

A Crossword based on the story by Anton Chekhov

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1.The second year he could be heard doing this
7.Musical instrument the young man has
8.The loss of the young man for the bet
9.Job of the young man
11.What the young man did hours before the bet was over
12.What the young man wants to do with the money, after the bet is nearly over
14.He spent the whole tenth year reading this
15.Amount in Million(s) that is staked
18.The young man resembeled this after the bet was nearly over
19.Years the young man will be in isolation
20.What the young man knows he has gained in result of the bet
2."The death sentence and the life sentence are equally ________"
3.The result of disobeying
4.The banker had this for himself because of his earlier thoughts
5.The young man writes "I ________ freedom and life and health and all that your books call the good things of the world"
6.Term for going to jail
10.Age of the young man at the beginning of the story
11.One of the things the young man suffered from in the first year
16.Job of the man who wagers the money
17.What the banker did to the young mans head the night before the bet was over

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