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Chapter One

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7.an organized set of ideas that is designed to explain development
12.theory proposing that human cognition consists of mental hardware and mental software
13.developmental research design based on cross-sectional and longitudinal designs
17.description of how various generations experience the biological, psychological, and sociocultural forces of development in their respective historical contexts
24.model in which three processes (selection, optimization, and compensation) form a system of behavioral action that generates and regulates development and aging
26.theories proposing that development is largely determined by how well people resolve conflicts they face at different ages
27.a consequence that decreases the future likelihood of the behavior that it follows
29.a subset of the population
32.broad groups of people that are of interest to researchers
34.the behavior being observed
35.the degree to which genetic or hereditary influences and experimental or environmental influences determine the kind of person you are
37.the cultures and subcultures in which the microsystem, mesosystem, and exosystem are embedded
38.study of the brain and nervous system, especially in terms of brain-behavior relationships
40.extent to which a measure provides a consistent index of a characteristic
41.the people and objects in a individual's immediate environment
42.a consequence that increase the future likelihood of the behavior that it follows
43.people's beliefs about their own abilities and talents
44.investigation looking at relations between variables as they exist naturally in the world
1.whether there is just one path of development or several paths
2.problem with cross-sectional designs in which differences between age groups may result as easily from environmental events as from developmental processes
3.method that involves gaining in-depth understanding of human behavior and what governs it
4.watching people and carefully recording what they do or say
5.an expression of the strength and direction of a relation between two variables
6.whether a particular developmental phenomenon represents a smooth progression throughout the lifespan or a series of abrupt shifts
8.demands put on people by the environment
9.technique in which a researcher creates a setting that is likely to elicit the behavior of interest
10.in Erikson's theory, the idea that each psychosocial strength has its own special period of particular importance
11.learning that occurs by simply watching how others behave
14.a systematic way of manipulating the key factor(s) that the investigator thinks causes a particular behavior
15.study in which developmental defferences are identified by testing people of different ages
16.a useful way to organize the biological, psychological, & sociocultural forces on human development
18.theory based on idea that human development is inseparable from the environmental contexts in which a person develops
19.the factor being manipulated
20.learning paradigm in whicih the consequences of a behavior determine whether a behavior is repeated in the future
21.extent to which a measure actually assesses what researchers think it does
22.a tool that enables researchers to synthesize the results of many studies to estimate relations between variables
23.view that human development is multiply determined and cannot be understood within the scope of a single framework
25.Erikson's proposal that personality development is determined by the interaction of an internal maturational plan and external societal demands
28.social settings that a person may not experience firsthand but that still influence development
30.provides connections across microsystems
31.multidisciplinary study of how people change and how they remain the same over time
33.longitudinal study research design in which the same individuals are observed or tested repeatedly at different points in their lives
36.people's answers to questions about the topic of interest
39.a person's abilities

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