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Respiratory Medications

Angela Getty

Medications that are used to correct respiratory diseases.

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1.Can be used for acute and or chronic asthma, bronchitis and exercise induced bronchospasm
5.Increases cAMP
8.can be used as an antidote for acetaminophen overdose
12.Second generation antihistamine with a half-life of 7-15 hours.
16.watery nasal discharge
17.Blocks the effects of histamine by competeing for and occupying histamine1 receptor sitee
18.Drug class of albuterol, metaproterenol, and isoproterenol
19.Anticholinergenic drug with few side effects
22.A side effect is rebound-nasal congestion with frequent use.
24.loosens and liquefies mucus secretion, acts like a detergent.
26.Caused by the rhinovirus, effects nasopharyngeal tract
27.Act on the cough-control center in the medulla to reduce cough reflex.
28.A natural expectorant, non-drug
29.an alpha-beta adrenergic used for acute bronchoconstriction
30.Potent steroid used for short term therapy
31.Antitussive/expectorant used for non-productive cough
2.result of a bronchoconstrictive response
3.Aminophylline, theophylline, and caffiene are examples of these.
4.when the bronchial airways become edematous and inflamed leading to airway obstruction.
6.ipratropium bromide, ipratropium with albuterol are examples of
7.Beta-adrenergic agent that has some beta1 effect but for the most part is used as a beta2.
9.Caused by four major pulmonary disorders.
10.First ever beta-adrenergic agent used for bronchspasms.
11.a progessive lung disease, inadequate gas exchange occurs due to air being trapped in the overexpanded alveoli.
13.First generation antihistamine, Brand name
14.Taken to loosen bronchial secretions for ease of elimantion through coughng.
15.Secondary to frequent inflammation and infection, where there is an abnormal of the bronchi and bronchioles.
20.Flunisolide, Triamcinolone, and Budesonide are examples of what?
21.Histamine 1 blocker that competes for recpetor sites with histamine.
23.The use of these shrink the nasal mucous membranereducing fluid secretions from the nose.
25.inflammation of the mucous membranes of one or more of the sinuses

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