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Chapter 3 Vocabulary

LeeSan Sun

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6.A collection of tissues that carry out a specialized function of the body.
7.Cell organelle that helps make and package materials to be transported out of the cell.
12.A group of organs that work together to perform body functions.
13.The organelle that stores water and other materials.
17.The fluid and almost all of its contents in a cell.
18.A rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane and provides support the the cell.
19.A small cavity or sac that contains materials in a eukaryotic cell.
20.Cell organelle composed of RNA and protein; the site of protein synthesis.
1.The special, normal, or proper activity of an organ or part.
2.A system of membranes that is found in a cells' cytoplasm and that assists in the production, processing, and transport of proteins and in the production of lipids.
3.A living thing; anything that can carry out life processes independently.
4.A phospholipid layer that covers a cell's surface; acts as a barrier between the inside of a cell and its environment.
5.A membrane-bound organelle that contain's the cell's DNA and that has a role in processes such as growth, metabolism, and reproduction.
8.The organelle that uses the energy of sunlight to make food.
9.One of the small bodies in a cells' cytoplasm that are specialized to perform a specific function.
10.An organism that consists of a single cell that does not have a nucleus.
11.In eukaryotic cells, the cell organelle that is surrounded by two membranes and that is the site of cellular respiration.
14.An organism made up of cells that have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane; eukaryotes include animals, plants, fungi; but not archaea or bacteria.
15.A cell organelle that contains digestive enzymes.
16.A group of similar cells that perform a common functions.

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