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1 2
6           7         8
10           11       12         13
17     18                
    20           21
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4.A mean person or something unpleasant can be described as this.
5.Full of beans, wanting to run and jump.
6.If you are not worried about something, you could be this.It uses a prefix which is often used to create an opposite word.
10.Describes someone, or something which makes you smile or even laugh.
12.Not unusual, not odd or weird, nothing out of the ordinary.
15.Describes someone who is never scared.
18.You don't want to do anything, you don't want to move. You might be tired, or sick, or just lazy.
20.Can mean bright or clever, can mean well dressed.
22.Describes a greedy, selfish person or a nasty person.
23.Tired, sleepy, ready for bed.
25.More than happy, better than pleased.
26.Calm, contented. Can be a look on someone's face.
30.Happy about something.
31.How you might feel when you are waiting to see the dentist or get a vaccination.
32.Someone who is full of life and energy. Or a tune that makes you want to dance or tap your feet.
33.One of a kind, special. We are all this, like fingerprints.
1.Perhaps a person who has led an interesting life or can do amazing things. It could be a picture that you can't stop looking at.
2.Very sure of yourself. Believing in yourself.
3.How you might feel before going on stage or before standing up to speak in front of a large crowd.
7.Your muscles ache, you have no strength left.
8.It means shy or scared in a person. A mouse might be described as this.
9.Perhaps not a very interesting person. Also means, not shiny, not sunny, not sharp.
11.Opposite of mean or greedy. A good thing to be.
13.Someone who makes a lot of noise. Can also be used to talk about a very brightly coloured tie (for instance)
14.Can mean something unexceptional, something you see every day, someone or something 'normal'.
16.This is more than unhappy, sadder than sad.
17.Certain of something, knowing you are right.
19.We should all be this to other people.
21.Knowing that you have done something and wishing you hadn't.
24.Possibly someone who seems a bit weird. Could be used to describe numbers like 3,5,11, etc
26.Means 'nice' or agreeable or attractive.
27.Describes a person who wants everything done in a particular way, exactly that way, down to the last detail.
28.Smart, intelligent, bright, brainy etc.
29.Lots of teenagers (and other people) try hard to be this.

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