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From Sexist to Gender Neutral Language

Figure out the sexist and gender neutral terms in a crossword. Bonus points if you can tell the difference!

1 2          
  3 4
  5       6
7               8            
10   11 12        
13                 14 15 16      
      17                     18
  19         20                

1.(n) The human race
5.(n) Female bachelor
7.(n) NS people
8.(n) Large and in charge
9.(adj) Dreaming big
12.(n) Manpower
13.(n) A murse (2 Words)
16.(n) Promiscuous girl
17.(n) Female principle
19.(n) Well-groomed male
21.(n) Spiteful, overbearing woman
22.(n) Successor
2.(adj) Picked first for sports
3.(adj) Rhymes with nacho
4.(n) Head of the committee
6.(n) Paid work absence for infant care (2 Words)
9.(n) On the road
10.(adj) _____ goddess
11.(n) Pairing up for life
14.(n) License to fly (2 Words)
15.(adj) Angry female
18.(n) Prostitute (2 Words)
20.(adj) Petite but fierce female

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