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Chapter 5 Road to Revolution

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5.Put an import tax on several products such as molasses. Also called for harsh punishment of smugglers
11.Town where colonial minutemen fired the the first shot of the American revolution termed "The Shot Heard 'Round the World"
13.War that saw Great Britain and its colonies battle against the French and their Native American allies for control of the Ohio River Valley
14.Act passed by the British that said British Parliament had total and complete control over the colonies
16.Incident that saw British soldiers shoot and kill angry protesters of Britain's treatment of the colonies. Crispus Attucks, a free African-American sailor, was the first to die for American indepdence.
19.Prime Minister of Britain during the French and Indian War
20.An act of protest by the Sons of Liberty against the Tea Act. Disguised as Native Americans, the Sons of Liberty dumped 342 cases of tea into Boston Harbor much to delight of the onlooking crowd
23.Banned colonial settlement west of the Applachian Mountains. Angered many colonists.
24.Colonial militia volunteer who was prepared to fight at a minute's notice
26.Built Ft. Necessity. Later served as the first President of the United States
28.Nickname for colonists who favored independence
33.Strong determination to succeed in doing something
35.A meeting of delegates from all colonies except Georgia. They demanded the repeal of the Intolerable Acts and insisted the colonies had a right to tax themselves without British interference.
38.This act required colonists to quarter, or house, British troops in their own home and provide them with food and shelter.
39.An organized campaign to refuse to buy or use certain goods and services
42.Court order that allowed officials to make undefined searches
1.Well known Massachusetts lawyer who defended the British soldiers accused of killing protesters in the Boston Massacre. Would later serve as the country's second President.
2.A meeting of delegates from all colonies that took place in Philadelphia in May 1775. They chose George Washington to lead the colonial army
3.Patriot that made an emotional speech denouncing the Stamp Act
4.French fort built near where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet
6.Act passed by British Parliament in 1773 that gave the British East India Company a monopoly on selling tea in the colonies
7.Battle won by the colonial forces that proved the Americans could fight and stand up to professional British soldiers
8.Author of the Albany Plan of Union
9.To give up
10.Shutting a port or roadway to prevent people or supplies from coming into or leaving an area
12.A set of 4 laws that were very harsh and unfair to colonists. This act(s) closed the port of Boston and strengthened the Quartering Act, among other things.
15.Established a Committee of Correspondence to keep colonists informed of British actions. Would also serve as the leader of the Patriot group, the "Sons of Liberty."
17.Formal written request to someone in authority that is signed by a group of people
18.Act that required the colonists to buy special tax stamps for all kinds of products and activities. The stamps were placed on documents such as newspapers, wills, licenses, and other legal documents
21.The other major French city in Canada at the time (besides Quebec)
22.Petition to King George of England that attempted to stop the fighting and resolve disputes. King George did not answer.
25.A company that controls all or nearly all business in a particular industry
27.An agreement between nations or groups to aid and support one another
29.Nickname for colonists who stayed loyal to Britain and King George
30.Solider who fights merely for pay, often from a foreign country
31.To cancel
32.Capital of New France
34.Commander of the British forces during the French and Indian War
36.Native American tribe who refused to allign themselves with the British during the French and Indian War
37.An organized body of armed volunteers. Civilians who are trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army
40.Stage of development
41.Import tax

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