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A Very Latin Crossword

Ali Murray

Test your knowledge!

1 2   3      
5   6            
7       8    
    9       10        
11   12           13
  14             15 16    
17           18                  
19                   20
  21     22              
25   26         27  
28                   29         30
31 32               33      
34     35         36    
      38 39   40        
41     42                
43           44  
      45           46    
  47     48      

2."O tempora! O mores!" speaker
4.General of Galba (and modern-day cleaning solution)
6.This type of victory is won at a great cost
7."Metamorphoses" writer
9.Husband of Penelope and father of Telemachus
11.Number of hills upon which Rome was built
14.Toga worn by those seeking public office
17.Achilles's weakness
18.Latin used in English to mean one's school
19.Ancient location for Roman races
21.Gender shared by "poeta" and "amor"
24.Case taken by "super"
26.Greek name for Mars
28.Famous city victim to Vesuvius
29.Vergil's magnum opus
32."Africanus" in "Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus"
35.Her hair may have hissed
37.Writer of epigrams
39.Mythological inspirers of the arts
42.The founder of Rome
43.Foe of Hercules that could regrow heads
45.Ancient name for modern France
48.Famous first words, followed by "in pictura"
49.River running through Rome
50.Highest elected office of the Republic
51.Locket worn by Roman boys
1.Dative plural of "dea"
3.Adversary of Rome in the Punic Wars
5.Latin noun at the root of "diary"
8.Latin word for "crab"
10.Instigator of a slave revolt
12.Venus's husband
13.Another term for "commoner"
15.What you might call your female teacher
16."Beware the dog"
20."Hello," to many
22.Latin for "contest" (and a favorite activity of many JCLers)
23.The first Roman emperor
25.Son of Pasiphae entrapped in a labyrinth
27.Sorceress who assisted Jason in his quest
30.She'd rather be a tree than be with Apollo
31.Motto of Harvard
33.What "i.e." is short for
34."She must be loved"; a common English name
36.Abbr. Roman dating system
38.River crossed by Caesar
40.Abbr. "The Senate and People of Rome"
41.Declension of "tempus"
44.Gallia est omnis divisa in partes ____
45.Fermented fish sauce
46.Formidable to sailors, especially when paired with Charybdis
47.The lover of Aeneas who threw herself on a pyre

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