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Teddy Bears

Mr. Daryl

This crossword covers the history of the teddy bear toy.

1 2
3                         4
6     7  
9       10              

3.He created the first Teddy Bear toy in the USA.
5.A baby bear is called a _________.
9.Margarete Steiff was a ___________________ from Germany.
11.Instead of shooting the bear cub, Teddy told his friends to set it __________.
12.What state was Teddy Roosevelt hunting in, acording to the bear story?
14.Morris Michtom was a candy shop owner from ________________.
15.The Steiff teddy bears have a trademark __________ in the ear of the bear.
1.Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th _____________ of the United States.
2.Who was the teddy bear named after?
4.In 1902 Theodore Roosevelt went with friends on a __________ _________.
6.A nickname for Theodore is ___________.
7.What was Clifford K. Berryman's job?
8.This story is about the history of the teddy ___________.
10.At first the German teddy bear was not a _____________.
13.After visiting a ______, Margarete Stiff's nephew created a toy bear with moving arms and legs.

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