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Enterprise & Entrepreneurs

M Bouquet

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1.Sets clear goals and self-imposed high standards
8.Opportunity cost arises whenever a -------- decision is taken.
9.Entrepreneurs encourage ----------- in markets.
11.Entrepreneurs encourage ---------- through investment and risk-taking.
13.Philip ----- owns Arcadia stores made for fashion clothing?
15.The opportunity cost of a decision is the cost of missing out on the next best ----------- .
16.Windows designer Gates started this organisation?
19.Richard Branson started this business?
20.The rewards from your business?
2.Monies paid out of the profits to the owner?
3.Dyson designed a new form of ------ cleaner?
4.O of AO?
5.Able to take on more than one role?
6.Entrepreneurs don’t wait for others to take decisions as they are --------?
7.Entrepreneurs may want more control over their ------- life.
10.Business ---- is a government department providing advice on how to start, run or grow a business.
12.A of AO?
14.Starting a business is -----?
17.Entrepreneurs probably suffer from higher ------ levels.
18.Starting a business is nearly always very hard ----.

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