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1 2           3
4 5         6       7
  8             9               10
12   13                  
      14     15         16      
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  19 20                
21               22                
25 26 27                
      28               29

2.drunken Dane who challenged Beowulf's courage and motives
8.laid by the mast when he died
9.Hrothgar's wife and Queen of the Danes
12.Hrothgar's kingdom
14.Hrothgar's oldest friend killed by Grendel's mother
20.mead hall/feasting hall of the Danes
21.Beowulf's young cousin who helped him defeat the dragon
22.stronghold of the Geats where the windswept moor reached
24.first king of the Danes
26.where Beowulf was burried
28.dragon slayer Beowulf was compared to
30.made Beowulf's corslet
31.only Geat to be killed by Grendel
32.a verbal challenge; a calling out of someone
1.another name for Gangleri
3.Scyld's great-grandson and current king of the Danes
4.monster who attacked Heorot
6.Beowulf's father who Hrothgar protected
7.enemies of the Danes Beowulf defeated when he was king
10.paying monetary restitution to a family if you kill a member
11.young Geat who swam a race against Beowulf
13.Beowulf's sword
15.standing by your king in battle and not running away
16.hero of the Geats
17.Beowulf's people
18.Hrothgar's father
19.Hrothgar's people
23.King of the Geats
25.Healfdene's father
27.Unferth's sword
29.Beow's father

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