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A Scandal in Bohemia

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1.feeling of uneasiness or hesitation about the rightness of an action
6.a jewel
8.full discretionary power, unconditional authority (2 wds.) (2 Words)
11.man in charge of horses; married life partner
12.vagabond life or referring to the Czech
13.fur of young lambs with closely curled wool
15.incapable of being disentangled, loosed, or solved; perplexing
16.a monarch; person/s with supreme power
18.lacking reserve, pouring out
20.a noisy dispute or quarrel, noise; to propel a canoe
22.wealth, riches, of affluence
25.devil, dickens, like in: “Where the ___ did they hide it?”; slang for two
26.small easel painting, usually under 3 ft; found in the kitchen
27.feeling of vexation marked by disappointment or humiliation
28.lacking in vigor, spirit; indifferent; drooping from weakness
29.inspiring reverence or admiration; majestic
1.the lowest female voice part
2.incapable of feeling, unaware
3.mocking, to taunt
4.beyond correction or not easily swayed
5.detestable, utterly opposed
9.born of, introducing maiden name
10.to reason with someone against something that person intends to do
12.any devoted biographer of a specific person, in reference to James, a Scottish author
13.shaped like an eagle's beak; hooked
14.a letter, especially a formal or didactic one
15.lacking discretion; rash
17.to be in ___; one's usual routine
19.bitter or scornful; sneering; cynical
21.expressed in few words; concise; terse
23.goatlike antelope; a soft pliable leather dressed with oil, especially fish; simulated finish of cotton cloth
24.evoking or deserving pity; pathetic

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