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Sci Vis

Bryant Thomas

1 2
  3 4            
6   7 8                          
  10                       11 12
          13 14    
    15               16
19   20                                      

4.Show roadways and physical Boundaries
8.Has contour lines that shows elevation
9.A flat representation of a 3D space
10.Depending on the understanding the physics of light
19.involve the science of acquiring information abou the earth's surface without actually being in contact with it
21.Magnetic Resonance Imaging
22.range from entry-level drafters through indivisuals holding advanced degrees in architecture
23.Glabal Positioning System
24.Have informations about flight paths
25.Images could be broughtat home
1.involve taking data and presenting it in a way that can be better understood
2.Allows for the minipulations of large amounts of data
3.This map organizes information in a linear format
5.Shows loation of weather patterns
6.requires the knownledge of 3D animation, computer graphics and computer programing
7.Shows rooms in a building
11.apply the therories and principles of science and mathematics to research and develope economical solutions to technical problems
12.When X-rays arer beamed at a crystal, electrons diffract the X-rays which causes a diffraction pattern
13.Is organized by placing the central theme in the center of the map
14.Is a method of identification that compares fragments of DNA
16.is computer generated three diminsional images that allow the user to interact with a virtual world.
17.Presents information in a descending order of importance
18.hows locations os specific genes in DNA
20.used to see small objects

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