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Psychiatric Nursing

Melanie Petchak

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1.Invented & meaningless words
4.verbal threats can be prosecuted under this charge
5.legal term for obligation to honor commitments
8.unwanted contact can be prosecuted under this charge
9.when youu ask a patient to interpret a proverb you are assessing what type of thinking ability?
12.legal term for failing to do what a reasonable and prudent person would do in the same situation
14.type of committment ordered by a judge
15.legal term for honesty
16.this is the ability to understand one's own part in a current situation
2.legal term for doing the wrong thing
3.the first stage of the aggression cycle from page 174
6.legal term for awrongful act resulting in injury, loss or damage
7.In cases of suspected abuse, the client assessment should be done in what type of area?
10.what type of affect shows no facial expression?
11.a fixed and false belief
13.true or false? Hostility and aggression are terms that can be used interchangebly

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