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India and China

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4.founder of buddhism
7.the payment an Indian bride's family makes to a bridegroom
9.group in India who established the caste system
12.teaching of this man included educational system, examination system, and importance of the family
13.who owned the property in ancient Indian village society
14.Chinese writing was left by Shang priests on these
19.Buddhists focus on elightenment through this
21.golden age in India, mathematics developed the decimal system
22.this allowed new rulers to justify the overthrow of a declining dynasty
23.system of government under the Zhou based on mutual obligations
24.social system in India where people remain in for life
25.epic poem written in Sanskrit in India about feuding families and religion
28.religion believes the balance of life and the yin-yang
30.ultimate goal of Buddhism
32.Confucianism taught this belief of family should teach roles in society
33.Indus valley civilizations were unique because they didn't include__________
34.ultimate goal in Hinduism to have a union with brahman
35.great technological invention that developed during the Han dynasty in China
1.actions of a person's life that affects his next life
2.fine windblown yellow soil carried by the Yellow River in China
3.seasonal winds that bring one rainy and one dry season
5.natural feature isolated the Indian subcontinent from the rest of Asia
6.in Hinduism, the religious and moral duties of an individual
8.this religion believed that younger people should respect their elders
9.medical development developed under the Han dynasty to relieve pain
10.Ancient Aryans measured their wealth this way
11.Buddhism's belief that life is full of suffering, pain, and sorrow
15.this factor contributed to the Chinese belief that China was at the center of the earth
16.mountain range separating China from southeast Asia
17.Chandragupta Maurya established order in his empire by setting up this
18.founder of daoism
20.Mauryan emperor who converted to Buddhism and vowed to rule by moral example
26.Vishnu and Shiva are included in this religion
27.this Chinese dynasty started the building of the Great Wall
29.cities of this valley were planned and had extensive plumbing systems
31.did people in higher castes have higher or lower number of rules

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