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Discovering French BLEU Pages 2-7

There are no empty spaces between words; punctuation marks do not use spaces. Write in pencil in case you make a mistake!

1 2                   3
4     5                  
6       7              
9                               10  
11                             12        
    14               15
16 17              

2.Mountains between France and Spain.
4."The United States" in French.
7.Mountains between Italy and France.
8.The longest river in France,
9.The world's oldest ballet company.
11.Fredy Vansattel lives near the French-speaking city of _____.
14.City on the Seine river northwest of Paris.
18.She speaks French and Baoulé fluently.
19.French equivalent of an American high school.
20.Sea to the south of Toulon.
21.French name for the English Channel.
1.France is the only European country with a ____ exploration program.
2."New England" in French.
3.Largest French city next to Germany.
5."Collège" in Paris where Philippe Martin and Stéphanie Malle go.
6.He won the the wheelchair title at the Boston Marathon with a world record.
10."England" in French.
12."The Ivory Coast" in French.
13.He was born in Vietnam, moved to France, and then to UC Berkeley.
15.Bordeaux and Toulouse lie near this river.
16.Large, French-speaking island off the southwest coast of Africa.
17.Francophone province of Canada.

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