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The Earth review

Mrs. VH

1                         2
    3 4
  7 8   9              
    11                 12      
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21                   22            

1.states that pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in slow motion
5.the crust is the thickest under these
9.rock found in continental crust
10.one of the metals of the core
11.layer of mantle that is less rigid and bends like plastic
13.outer layer of Earth
14.he developed the idea of continental drift
19.he discovered the plates in the lithosphere
21.undersea mountains
23.rock found in oceanic crust
24.convection currents are caused by differences in this property
25.boundary where plates come together
26.the magnetic field is created by the movement of this liquid layer of the Earth
1.lithosphere is broken down into these
2.sea floor is created on either side of a mid-ocean ridge
3.transfer of energy through space, does not need contact
4.one of the metals of the core
6.middle layer of Earth
7.break in the Earth's crust
8.the supercontinent
12.developed the idea of sea-floor spreading
13.movement of currents within a fluid
15.upper layer of the mantle, blends into the crust
16.ocean floor sinks beneath a deep ocean trench
17.transfer of heat between materials that are touching
18.a divergent boundary on land produces this
20.boundary where plates slide past each other
22.boundary where plates move away from each other

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