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Vocabulaire du Cahier BLANC, 339 à 342

Lisez les pages 339 à 342 du Cahier d'Activités BLANC pour trouver les réponses correctes aux indices suivantes.

3     4        
  5 6              
  8             9                
  10 11                      
      12 13                
14       15                
            17 18

2.What you make guacamole with; who you hire if you are arrested.
3.The opposite of a two-way ticket.
6.What goes with an iPod.
7.What Spielberg, Truffaut, and Lucas do.
8.What you do to an old house.
9.Where a painter or a craftsman often works.
11.A fun guy (yuk yuk yuk!)
13.A 1-800 number.
15.What takes place at Wimbledon.
19.What the Vikings were to Ireland.
20.A type of snake.
21.Nike or Asics.
1.What Napoléon had.
4.What happens at the Victor E. Benstead plunge.
5.Does not require a corkscrew or a bottle opener.
9.The Empire State Building.
10.Lobster or crab.
12.What tires are made of.
14.What you and your peers do to your essays.
16.Where the basement is.
17.A Santa Monica or San Francisco leaf.
18.To go beyond.

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