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Bones, bones, bones!

Stephanie Chronis

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1.A beverage ingested by people that can stop you absorbing calcium.
3.Medical term referring to the measurement of bone mass/weight.
4.A condition that affects bones, causing them to become weak, fragile and likely to fracture.
6.A hormone that controls calcium levels in the blood.
7.Someone who you can pay to assist you if you have vitamin D/calcium deficiency.
9.A mineral that can stop a absorption of calcium, if it's levels in the blood are high.
11.A mineral found in many foods, needed to maintain strong bones.
12.The name for a crack or break in a bone, that can be a result of low bone density.
2.The process of feeling physically ill as a result of eating dairy products.
5.The solar system's star. It's rays are a source of vitamin D.
8.Pieces of hard, white tissue, that make up the human skeletal system.
10.A source of calcium that comes from cows.

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