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Y2 Book 1

1 2 3               4
7                 8      
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3.Knowledge or understanding about a situation
5.Unwilling to change one's ideas or behaviour
6.Main; most important
7.Know who or what a person or thing is because one has seen, heard or experienced it before
8.Match someone or something well; be appropriate for
9.Behaving negatively in a way that makes one seem younger
12.Thinking negatively about other people without taking enough time to get to know them
15.Behaving like a reasonable adult
20.Having the necessary skills or knowledge
21.Happy and cheerful
22.Feeling unsure about whether something is good or true
25.Not damaged or broken
26.Having the power to change the way that people behave and think
27.leave or get rid of something
28.Three babies who have the same mother and are born at the same time
1.Passed through a piece of equipment that removes unwanted substances
2.An opinion that most people in a group agree with
4.Easy to understand because one is not hiding their feelings
10.Able to be thought of or seen in one's mind
11.Smoke or gas that smells bad and is often harmful to one's body
13.Breathe in loudly through one's mouth because something is shocking
14.Become larger in size or amount
16.Allowed to be used, taken, etc. in any amount
17.Believing that it is possible for everything to be good, even if it is not possible
18.Suggest that one thinks or feels something without saying so
19.Done for fun
22.Comfortable in a situation or place after recently arriving at it
24.An idea that is not true, but has been believed for a long time

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