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Unit 1 Vocabulary

Olivia Gerardot

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1.two angles in the same plane with a common vertex & a common side (2 Words)
4.can be any side of a triangle
6.a point that bisects or divides the segment into two congruent segments
7.two angles whose measures have a sum of 180 degrees (2 Words)
8.flat surface with no thickness & extends forever
10.the distance around the circle
14.inside of the angle (4 Words)
16.names a location
17.the sum of the side lengths of the figure
18.a figure formed by two rays with a common endpoint called the vertex
19.a pointt at a end of a segment
20.three or more points on the same plane
2.two angles whose measures have a sum of 90 degrees (2 Words)
3.straight path with no thickness & extends forever
5.the number of nonoverlapping square units of a given size that exactly cover the figure
9.is a ray that divides an angle int[o two congruent angles (2 Words)
11.greater than 90 degrees but less that 180 degrees (2 Words)
12.a pair of adjacent angles whose noncommon sides are opposite rays (2 Words)
13.is a transformation about a point P, called the center rotation
15.less than 90 degrees (2 Words)

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