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Anthropology - Important Terms

Ms. Linklater

Introductory to anthropology - key terms you need to know!!

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2.Relationships among members of a social group that are based on members’ decent from common ancestors
7.A member of the mammal group with the most developed brains, such as human, an ape, a gorilla, or a chimpanzee
11.The beliefs and behaviours that are transmitted from generation to generation
12.The study of the cultures of living peoples (2 Words)
1.The belief of early anthropologists that all societies and cultures evolve through a series of predictable stages (2 Words)
3.The anthropological method of study where a researcher lives with a cultural group for an extended period to obtain an insider’s understanding of the group (2 Words)
4.A true or fictional story that recounts supernatural events that are significant to members of a culture
5.The study of the evolution of humankind, including the comparison of human genetics characteristics with those of apes, gorillas, and chimpanzees (2 Words)
6.Studies of the culture and traditions of distinct peoples (2 Words)
8.The study and analysis of the social organization of living peoples (2 Words)
9.Idea by Malinowski that all institutions are designed and modified to meet the needs of the majority (2 Words)
10.The term describing the incorrect attitude, belief, or stance that one’s own culture is superior and/or worthier than other cultures

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