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Y2 Book 2

1     2             3
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1.Usually; regularly
6.Try to find out information about something, such as a crime
9.Make someone feel very embarrassed or ashamed in front of other people
10.Trained to live with humans, either as pets or for other uses
11.Include as part of something
15.Causing one to feel extremely ashamed or embarrassed
18.Mostly active at night and inactive during the day
20.An animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal
21.Disagreement or fighting between people
23.Not confident about oneself or one's abilities
25.A person who looks at or sees something
26.The power to attract people; beauty
27.A peaceful balance between people or things
28.Give someone a reason or desire to do something
29.Uncomfortable because one is not sure what to do or say
2.Making one feel afraid or unconfident
3.Different from what is normal, standard or traditional
4.Completely crazy
5.Make a negative feeling or problem less serious or strong
7.Feeling a desire to return to a previous time or situation
8.The traditions, ideas, places, etc. that a particular group or country receives from its history
12.Leave a person, place, or thing with the idea that one will never return to it
13.Understand someone else's feelings because one has had similar experiences
14.Successful, especially financially
16.Existing for a long time and extremely difficult to change
17.Become a part of a group or society
19.So disgusting that it causes one to feel sick
22.Deal with in a brave and direct way
24.Having a very small or restricted amount of space

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