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Organizing Emergency Procedures

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

How to create and maintain a comprehensive emergency action plan How to Complete a vulnerability analysis.

How to write Employee Emergency Plans How to use Employee Alarm Systems.

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3.Fire prevention plan includes p--------s for regular maintenance of safeguards on heat producing equipment
6.Emergency management is a c-----he----e system set up to address and handle n-----l and man-made hazards
9.Test alarm systems m-----y
10.R------y and r------e are very important emergency management concepts
11.Employee warning systems can include p----g systems, a----le tones, detectors, word-of-mouth, visual systems, tactile devices, vibration, air fans, e-mail, etc.
12.Prevention programs m------e through hazard identification and control
1.An e-------y a----n p--n and fire prevention plan is required when The employer requires a total evacuation of the workplace regardless if extinguishers are provided
2.Emergency management is the process of p--------g, p--p----g for, responding to, and recovering from an emergency
4.Elements of a plan include R----e and m-----l duties for those employees who are to perform them
5.An emergency is any u--l----d event that can cause d---h or significant injury to employees, customers, or the public
7.Each e------e must receive a review of the emergency action plan and fire prevention plan.
8.Alarm must be capable of being perceived above a-----t noise or light levels by all employees affected.

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