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Power Hand Tool Safety

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

How to Identify Power Tool hazards What OSHA regulations cover on the topic How to deal with compressed air tools effectively How to deal effectively with powder actuated tools How to handle abrasive wheels effectively How to deal with jacks, levers, ratchet, screw & hydraulic tools

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1.Power tool hazards are tools with t---d handles – they may be h----g cracks
3.Abrasive Wheel Ensure the spindle speed doesn’t exceed the m-----m speed marked on the w---l
8.Abrasive tools may throw off f----g f-------s
11.Workers using hand and power tools may be exposed to these hazards objects that f--l, fly, are a------e, or splashed
12.Radial arm guarding The lower guard must cover the saw to the d---h of the t---h
14.Machine guards must protect the operator and others from r------g p---s
2.To protect a worker from shock, these tools must be d----e i---l---d
4.Different types of power tools are determined by their power source such as the following - e------c pneumatic liquid f--l
5.Tool Safety Rules Use r---t t--l for the job
6.Power hand tool handling tip - Must be fitted with guards and s----y s---c--s
7.Another tool safety rule is Operate according to m---f---u---s’ instructions
9.t-- wheel gently with a l---t, non-metallic instrument & if wheel sounds cracked or dead, do --- use it because it could fly apart
10.Tool safe handling tip - Secure work with c----s or a v---, freeing both hands to operate the tool
13.Machine guarding safety Never remove a g---d when a tool is in use

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