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Power Mower Safety

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

Terms used in power mower equipment use Operator training specifics pre-use & post use inspection Equipment hazards Environmental hazards

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1.S----- g-----s should be worn during power mower use, but give only frontal protection against thrown objects
4.Before using the mower read the o------r m----l first
6.Operators should not mow in conditions where traction or stability is qu----o----e
7.The r------g t--q-e is used to turn the mower blades
10.O-------s are four times more likely to occur when speed is doubled on a power mower
11.O-------s have the highest fatality rate for unintentional injuries involving tractors that occur on the farm,
12.D--- M-- S----h is a device that will automatically turn the machine off
13.Ensure a S--- M----g V-----e sign is installed and visible.
2.When l-----g the seat, the operator should disengage the PTO, engage the brake, stop the engine, and wait for all parts to stop before d---------g.
3.P---r t--e o-- is the area of the machine where rotating torque is directly transferred to another machine or tool.
5.Operating on u----- ground is the number one cause of accidents due to rolling of the machine
8.R--- to help prevent the vehicle from upsetting more than 90 degrees,
9.L--- the differential for better traction on slopes and in slippery places.

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