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Personal Protective Equipment for General Industry

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

Intro to Personal Protective Equipment Alternatives to PPE Establishing a PPE program Examples of PPE Classes of Hard Hats

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4.The nature of the h-----(s) and the operation to be performed will determine your selection of gloves.. workplace
6.Sharp objects such as nails or spikes that might p----e the soles or uppers of ordinary shoes
7.F--- s-----s Protect the face from nuisance dusts and potential splashes or sprays of hazardous liquids
9.Remember, PPE is the ---- level of control
10.Employers must: Use all feasible engineering and w--- p------e c------s to eliminate and reduce hazards
11.W-----g S------ Protect eyes from burns caused by infrared or intense radiant light, and protect face and eyes
12.Hand protection b---l glove provides the highest permeation resistance to gas or water vapors; frequently used for ketones
13.Employees can be removed from exposure to the potential hazard by c------g the way they do their jobs,
1.E---------g and A-----------g are more important than Personal Protective Equipment in safety
2.Class - hard hats are for m----g, building c----------n, shipbuilding, lumbering, and manufacturing
3.Hand protection - N-----e provides protection against a wide variety of solvents, harsh chemicals, fats and petroleum products
5.Class - hard hats Electrical work, Protect against falling objects and high-voltage s---k and burns
8.Foot protection May be designed to be electrically conductive for use in e-------e atmospheres

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