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    6                     7       8  
  11                       12
    14             15              
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3.____therapy supplies the body with a substance needed to maintain normal functions
6.study of what the drug does in the body/drug action in living tissues
9.also known as metabolism
10._____therapy does not eradicate problems but will prevent progression of disease or condition
11.drugs that prevent a response
14.____therapy provided to prevent illness
16.hepatic arterial, oral, portal venous, rectal (include dashes)
17.____therapy to make patient as comfortable as possible
19.physiolocial reaction of the body to the drug(include dash)
22.2 drugs administered together have a greater response than the 2 drugs given alone
24.study of how various dosage forms influence the way in which the drug effects the body/preparing and dispensing
25.route that involves kidney, liver, bowel, sweat, saliva and mammary glands
28.____therapy maintains the integrity of body functions while the patient is recovering from illness or trauma
29.2 drugs with similar actions 1+1=2
30.use of many different drugs concurrently in treating a patient
31.a change in behavior
1.________of action is the time required for the drug to elicit a therapeutic response
2.is that ratio of a drugs toxic level to the level that provides benefits(include dash)
4.principles of drug actions; the cellular processes that change in response to the presence of drug molecules
5.the feeling domain, expresses feelings, needs, beliefts, values and opinions
7.drugs that promote a response
8.physiologic state in which the amount of drug removed via elimination is equal to the amount of drug absorbed with each does (include dash)
12.____therapy to sustain life or treat disease
13.The study of what happens to a drug from the time it is put into the body until the parent drug and all metabolites have left the body
15.what effect is the combination of drugs results less than the sum of the effects for each drug given seperately
18.decreasing response to repeated drug dosages
20.variation in response to a drug because of patients age, gender, size and body composition/factors: environmental, cultural, genetic
21.the "doing domain", learning new procedure or skill
23.the learning/thinking domain, incorporates a persons previous experiences adn perceptions.
26._____therapy is based on clinical probablilites
27.________of action is the length of time that the drug concentration is sufficient to elicit a therapeutic response

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