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Church Puzzle 1

Michael Banjoko

Based on recent bible teachings, songs and related events and people

2 3        
5           6        
  7 8  
9           10 11          
14 15 16              
18       19 20              
21   22   23 24 25
26           27                  
28                     29  
33           34                  
36       37                

2.the soil for God's word
5.modern name for shepherd
6.where treasures are kept
9.what God loves the most
11.love them but don't trust them
12.most precious metal
16.fond of reaching out to other with his message
17.our church drummer
18.eating style in the wilderness
20.they don't like no for an answer
26.joyously singing of God's glory
27.the process of being saved
28.full of themselves
30.no more a teenage witch
31.bless the lord o my
33.he lived to die, and died to live
34.guy fox was this as a child
36.how the shepherd knows the sheep
37.Queen of the jungle
38.members of a choir
39.another name for God's word
1.before you were found
3.famous queen in the bible
4.popular egyptian grave
7.doctor who doesn't know his name
8.sing like never ....
10.nature of a lord
13.good woman at the well
14.our first church keyboardist
15.how the sheep knows the shepherd
19.they fly to your rescue
21.the shepherd king
22.the sun comes up it's a new day .....
23.happens in memory of a dead fox
24.our church name
25.last book in the bible
26.book full of songs
29.popular river in israel
31.famous african queen
32.the first book of the bible
35.jesus rode a brand new one
37.my shepherd is

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