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2           3
  6             7 8        
9       10
    12 13                    
16         17        

2.The capital of Great Britain.
4.The name of one country of three that make up Great Britain.
6.The only country to have a land border with the UK, a republic.
8.Fish and _ _ _ _ _.
11.England's favourite sport after football
13.England's greatest writer.
14.The name of the UK currency.
15.The capital of Scotland.
16.The Queen's first name.
18.The nearest ocean to the UK
1.The name of the county you are now in.
2.The side of the road cars drive on in the UK.
3.The largest city in the north of England.
5.The official first language of the UK.
7.The name of the town that you are now in.
9.One Premiership football team in England.
10.The leader of Great Britain in the second world war.
11.The last name (surname) of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
12.The place in the UK where the world's most important tennis championship is held every summer.
17.The colours of the British flag - red, white and _ _ _ _.

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