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Radiation Safety Crossword Puzzle V1

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

Ionizing Radiation definition & its hazards Radiation Protection Activities Identification of Restricted & Unrestricted How to limit required doses to public Identification of members of the public & radiation exposure

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3.R-d-------e D---y - One source of radiation is the nuclei of unstable atoms. For these radioactive atoms to become more stable, the nuclei eject or emit subatomic particles and high-energy photons
6.Like visible light and x rays, gamma rays are weightless packets of energy called p-----s
7.The major types of radiation emitted as a result of spontaneous decay are a---- and b--- particles
8.All repeat radiographs ---- be completed under the direct supervision of a qualified practitioner
10.B--- p-------s are more penetrating than alpha particles, but are less damaging over equally traveled distances
12.G---- r--s stopped by several feet of concrete
13.Implement the --- day rule when radio graphing female patients within child-bearing age
14.A---- p-------s are energetic, positively charged particles (helium nuclei) that rapidly lose energy when passing through matter.
1.The primary radioactive elements found in the earth's crust are u-----m, t-----m, and p-------m, and their radioactive derivatives
2.R----, which emanates from the ground, is another important source of natural radiation.
4.A---- p------s are stopped by a sheet of paper
5.- ---- are high-energy photons produced by the interaction of charged particles with matter
9.Ionizing radiation that has s-------t energy to remove electrons from atoms.
11.Radiation can affect cells of the body, i--------g the risk of cancer or harmful genetic mutations

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