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Rigging Safety Crossword Puzzle

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

Jobsite Considerations & rigging Basic Sling Operating Practices Rigging Selection Definitions/Safety Factors

1 2   3         4
5             6    
11       12 13

2.Each rigging operation presents its own p------r problems and no two jobs are alike.
5.M-----g - lashing between the neck and the tip of a hook to prevent the load coming off.
7.F----r of s----y – ratio of breaking strength to the force to be applied.
8.S---- l-----g when doing rigging activities is prohibited.
9.M----r L--k - a steel link or ring used to support all legs of a chain or wire rope sling.
14.B------g S------h - the approximate point, when under maximum load, the load handling device fails.
15.Slings that are damaged or d-------e shall not be used
16.Slings shall not be s-------d with knots or bolts or other makeshift devices
17.Slings shall be p----d or p-------d from the sharp edges of their loads
1.Persons performing rigging tasks usually already have two strikes against them when they start - un--------e job conditions & job s------e to meet
3.Each day before being used, the sling and all fastenings and attachments shall be inspected for damage and defects by a c----t--- person
4.R-----g - the connecting of a load to a source of power so that it can be lifted and moved safely and predictably.
6.Proper rigging is an --- and should never be left to the in----------d.
10.H---h C----- - loading with the sling passed through one eye and suspended by the other
11.B----e S---- - A sling composed of multiple legs gathered in a fitting that goes over the lifting hook
12.User responsibilities for rigging - Utilize Appropriate Rigging Gear S------e For Overhead Lifting
13.B------- – load equally distributed on each side of the point of support

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