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Anarcho-Crossword Puzzle

Fifth Estate magazine www.fifthestate.org

An historic and contemporary quiz based around knowledge of the anarchist movement, its culture, and its figures.

2 3 4       5                
  6 7    
8                   9 10  
      11     12               13
  14       15   16      
      17   18                    
21                               22
24         25   26    
28       29                    
31             32     33    
    34 35                
39                 40            
41         42      

3.Brit anarcho-punk band; also rude or distasteful
5.Not charity; the Prince agrees 6,3
8.Anti-roach spray, early punk band, but you can wave it 5,4
11.Cops and Chris Hedges hate them 5,4
18.IWW wants it 3,3,5
21.Anarchist education founded by Spanish anarchist Francisco Ferrer 6,6
23.Anarchists most loved marxist
24.Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union
27.Woody Guthrie sang about these two Italian-American anarchist martyrs 5,7
28.Anarchist woman friend of Emma Goldman whose first name could be shocking
31.A hero; was Bradley; now Chelsea
35.What we want and name of a magazine (2)
37.Proudhon said it’s purloined
39.Husband was a martyr. One could love Lucy
40.Warned against growing up absurd
41.Political arm of the ruling class
42.This media is independent
1.Economic system that exploits and dehumanizes
2.Bosses should never forget a wooden shoe
4.French anarchist geographer; name sounds like a word for hermit
6.Bakunin’s 1st International opponent
7.Farmers of radical coffee
9.Painfully slow decision process
10.Hippies had them and so did Paris
12.Anarchy on bikes or could cause a nuclear reaction 6,4
13.Early 20th century French anarchist gang who robbed the rich
14.Emma joined the Haymarket Martyrs there
15.Wasn’t Lewis Herber
16.Term for anarchist stolen by confused U.S. right-wingers
17.Street speakers did it; Chumbawamba sang it
19.This Iberian Peninsula country had a civil war, but for anarchists it was more
20.San Francisco anarchist book store 5,8
22.Anti-authoritarian writer on nationalism, but also a rock-and-roll enthusiast
25.Nickname for Industrial Workers of the World
26.Seattle anarchist bookstore 4,4
29.Anarchistic group of hacktivists wants to be unknown
30.Mexican revolutionary's flowery middle name
32.What we want and name of a magazine (1)
33."The most dangerous woman in America"
34.Workers holiday 3,3
36.Apprehensive hair style
38.They don’t want bombs

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