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Review of "A Streetcar Named Desire"

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1.clothing worn on wedding night and the night of the rape
3.symbolizes wealth, purity and innocence; Blanche tries to create this illusion by wearing this
5.one of the poker players
7.fell in love with Blanche
10.polka music that reminds Blanche of relationship with her former husband
11.family plantation home
14.spousal ownership of property
17.visits her sister in New Orleans
19.convinced that she is living the happy life
20.a cheap hotel with a terrible reputation
21.Blanche's nickname for Stella
25.cause of Allan's death
26.broken in anger
28.His actions are described as animal like.
29.nearly seduced by Blanche when he knocks on the door
30.symbolizes how Blanche hides in the shadows and her goal to forget the past
31.local bar around the corner
32.Blanche always wants these dim or off
1.expecting her first child
2.the play is an example of this genre of literature
4.the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and virtuous
6.married to Stanley
8.upstairs neighbor
9.relies on the kindness of strangers
12.name of playwright
13.can be considered as "voiceless" because no one listens to her
15.a symbol of the sexual relationship bw Stanley and Stella bc he is the provider (hunter & gatherer) and she waits for his return
16.tends to his ailing mother
17.symbolic for the need to cleanse of the impurities and disappointments in her past; also childlike actions
18.music haunts Blanche because of how she lost her husband
22.accepts the fact that her husband may sleep around with other women but always comes home to her
23.one of Stanley's favorite hobbies
24.Blanche's refuge while at Stella's
27.who said, "We've had this date with each other from the beginning!"

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