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Scaffold Safety

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

1. The Definition of a Scaffold 2. Scaffold related terms 3. What a Competent Person is Defined As . Types of Scaffolds – Definitions & Examples 5. Scaffolding Hazards & Controls 6. How to Inspect a Scaffold Correctly 7. How & When to Training Scaffold Affected Persons

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3.Build a c----- or erect a net below the scaffold that will contain or deflect falling objects
9.Scaffold is a An ele----d, t-------y work platform
10.Overlap platforms at least t----e inches over supports, unless restrained to prevent movement
11.Rope must be capable of supporting --- times the load
12.Competent person must be ------ to supervise
13.Platforms must be be fully planked or decked with no more than --- ---- gaps
14.personal fall arrest systems must have anchors i---p-----t of the scaffold support system
1.Scaffolds can only be er----d, moved, di---n---d or altered under the supervision of a competent person
2.The scaffold safety training must include: Na---- of elec------, fall, and falling object hazards
4.PFAS - personal fall arrest systems - include a--h----e, l------e and body harness
5.Person capable of identifying and promptly correcting hazards - c----t--- p-----
6.Competent person - Evaluate c----c----s to ensure the supporting surfaces can support load
7.S-------d s-------s -- platforms supported by rigid, load bearing members, such as poles, legs, frames, & outriggers
8.banned scaffolding includes Use t-- l---s on swinging loads

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