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The French Revision Crossword

Cpt. Luke W

This crossword is the crossword to end cross words, it is a revision crossword that will test you to the very pits of you soul

1   2  
4 5
10               11      
13 14           15  
16           17          
  19 20             21   22
24           25          
  26       27    
28         29          

1.The french word for midday
3.The english word for pourquoi
7.The english word for cinema
10.The french word for wendsday
11.The french word for night
14.The infinitive of j'ai, tu as and nous avons
16.The french word for thursday
17.The french word for hours
18.The english word for francais
19.The verb "To Have Lunch"
21.The english word for chat
24.The french word for morning
25.The infinitive of je vais, tu vas and nous allons
26.The possesive adjective used for my in "They are my parents"
27.The english word for une
28.The english word for chut
29.The verb "To Eat"
1.The possesive adjective used for my in "That is my brother"
2.The english word for chienne
4.The english word for canard
5.The french word for friday
6.The possesive adjective used for your in "That is your sister"
8.The english word for deux
9.The french word for sunday
11.The french word for saturday
12.The infinitive of je fais, tu fais and nous faison
13.The french word for monday
15.The english word for Australienne
20.The infinitive of je suis, tu es and nous sommes
22.The english word for trois
23.The french word for tuesday

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