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1         2       3
4                       5  
7                         8
    9         10  
    12 13                            
14       15              
      16   17          
18                 19    
  20                 21         22      
    24           25
26                         27          
28             29  
30                     31         32          
  33           34      
      35                 36        

1.What was the worlds first writing called?
4.What type of revolution was the Neolithic "Revolution"?
6.Who discovered King Tut's grave in 1922?
7.One is ______________ when they believe in multiple gods?
9.What direction does the Nile river flow?
13.What were the relgious laws of Judaism?
14.During which Kingdom did Egypt build pryamids?
15.What modern day country is located in Mesopotamia?
16.What was the god that the Jews worshipped called?
18.Cyrus the Great ruled the kingdom of ________________.
20.What is the taming of animals called?
22.What group was the first to be monotheistic?
26.What is a stepped temple found in a Sumerian city called?
27.What asiatic group invaded and controlled Egypt from 1640-1570 B.C.?
30.What term means "new stone age"?
31.Who led the Hebrews exodus from Egypt?
32.What is a professional writer in Mesopotamia called?
33.What is the largest desert in the world?
35.What group of people were known for their atrocities (cruelty) in dealing with their enemies?
36.What is a triangular area at the mouth of a river called?
37.What do you have when you melt copper and tin?
38.What was the name given to a three million year old fossil discovered by Donald Johanson?
39.What pharaoh oversaw the building of the Bent and Red pyramids?
40.What is it called when a series of rulers from the same family hold power?
41.What are creatures that walk upright on two legs called?
2.What was the arch of farmable land streching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf clalled?
3.What is the longest river in the world?
5.This is one of the five key traits of a civilization.
7.What is Egyptian paper called?
8.Where would you find the Egyptian monument that have four giant statues of Ramses II?
10.What was Egyptian writing called?
11.What body of water did Moses part?
12.What term means "old stone age"?
17.Who was Egypts first known woman Pharaoh?
19.What helped man break the code of hieroglyphics?
21.What pharaoh was the stepson of Hatshepsut and was much more warlike?
23.Where would you find the great pyramid?
24.What is the holy book of Judaism called?
25.What country became a modern state in 1948?
28.What were kings of Egypt called?
29.What was Hatshepsut known for during her reign as pharaoh?
30.Who united lower and upper Egypt around 3000 B.C.?
33.Who created the world's first empire?
34.Who was known for his code of laws?

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