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Steel Erection Safety 2001 Standard

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

Primary activities covered by the standard Ancillary activities covered by the standard Acceptable site rigging activities Acceptable site layout Structural steel stability requirements

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6.A---l---y Steel Erection - Covered only “when they occur during and are a part of steel erection activities”
10.primary list of steel erection activities - All are covered (c--------g, b-----g, g----g…)
1.hoisting & rigging activities - Minimizes employee exposure to overhead loads through pre-p------g and w--- p------e requirements
2.Another part of the 2001 rule covers - F-----g o----t p--------n
3.The 2001 standard p------es work below steel erection unless there is overhead protection
4.The 2001 rule calls for during anchorage Minimum f--- anchor bolts per column
5.One of the elements of the 2001 rule cover . ---e l----t
7.The open web steel section of the standard calls for Specifying method of p-----g loads on steel joists
8.The fall protection part calls for --------d person to t---n exposed workers in fall protection
9.Fall protection for workers - Above t----y feet/--- stories: All workers must be protected, including connectors and deckers

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