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IT - Basics


Basic Concepts of Information Technology

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1.Input device used for entering text and numbers
6.Output device that can be used to listen to voice or music
10.Raw or unprocessed Facts
11.Output device used to take prints
13.Connected commmunication system of computers
16.Largest network in the world
17.Collection of data
19.Software used to surf the internet
20.Smaller kind of laptop used primarily for net browsing
21.Software to manage the Computer e.g. operating system
2.Software for user applications e.g. word,excel
3.Program that enables device to communicate with computer
4.Programs that are used manage computer resources e.g. Antivirus etc.
5.Secondary Storage where all software and files are stored
7.Uses internet and web to create and store documents and databases
8.Processed Data
9.Computer systems similar to desktops but can be carried around
12.Working Memory of computer (Temporary storage)
14.Computer systems used for gaming and entertainment
15.Input device used for controlling cursor
18.Computer systems that are touch enabled

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