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Operating System Basics


This Quiz tests the basics of operating Systems

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1.Tool that helps you to use computer more effectiviely e.g. disk defragmenter
7.Name of animal that is mascot of the Linux
9.OS Function that decides to allocate resources to different programs
12.Name of the inventor of Linux
14.OS that was invented at University of Helsinki in 1991
18.Name of the Linux Penguin
21.OS Function that decides how much RAM to allocate to a program
22.The name of the first version of Unix
23.Service that checks user IDs and passwords
2.Software that solves computing problems of users (word, excel)
3.Most popular OS known for its ease of use
4.Program that communicates between a computer user and computer harware
5.Software that controls and coordinates the use of hardware among various application programs and users
6.Linux variant which is used for the OS lab at HCT
8.OS Function that decides where on hard disk to store each program or file
10.The term refers to the software available with source code and free of charge
11.OS that was used by Andrew Tanenbaum for teaching
13.By 1990 it became strong operating system for servers
15.Linux variiant that starts with a U
16.Program that checks disks and memory for viruses and cleans them
17.Linux variant with a hat
19.Basic Computing Resources such as CPU, Memory etc.
20.Linux variant with a chameleon
22.Uses the Computer Systems

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