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1             2
4     5                  
  8                 9   10
  12   13                
14                         15
17           18        

1.a fortress in a city
4.people who spread their religious beliefs in others
7.one of the most important Hindu gods (creator)
8.freedom from prejudice
11.grandson of Chandragupta
13.to focus the mind inward in order to find spiritual awareness
14.the rebirth of the soul in the body of another living life
16.the religious and moral duties of Hindus
17.representation of a Hindu god or goddess in human or animal form
18.one of the most important Hindu gods (destroyer)
1.person that founded India's Maurya Empire
2.the hindu idea of nonviolence
3.exercise that help free the soul from the cares of the world
4.a strong wind that blows across East Asia at certain times of the year
5.a large landmass that juts out from a continent
6.founder of buddhism
9.The first religion that developed in India
10.a social class of people
12.to change one's beliefs; in particular , to change from one religion to another
15.one of the most important Hindu gods(preserver)

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