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Spelling Words

1   2         3     4    
5             6 7   8
10     11                
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1.a large body of ice
3.a small wind
5.In the "Hunger Games", there are 24 _______.
9.To make kimchi, you must _______ it.
11.US postal code: MO
12.lines that run between the north and south poles
13.a list of persons entitled to receive pay with the amounts due to each
15.the long bone of the lower limb extending from the hip to the knee
18.water without salt
20.Earth rotates on its _____.
22.lines that run parallel to the equator
23.the underlying foundation
24.the process of evaporating
25.a large body of water
2.pipes that are used to move water long distances
4.runs around the center of Earth
6.the point on earth where the lines of longitude meet (90 degrees latitude)
7.one of the halves of the Earth divided by the equator or by the prime meridian
8.an artificial or natural lake where water is collected as a water supply
10.the act or process of condensing
14.water that falls to the earth as hail, mist, rain, sleet, or snow
16.a chunk of ice that is formed duins precipitaion
17.conforming to the rules of grammar
19.the state capital of California
21.a nuclear _____

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