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Vocabulary Lesson 1


1 2   3            
4   5  
7                         8
      9                     10 11
13 14 15                        
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  21                     22                

2.____________________ (adj.) done without concern without what is fair or right; not based on reason or evidence
7.____________________ (adj.) not pretending to be someone better; sincere; natural
9.____________________ (adj.) harmful in a subtle or unexpected way
12.____________________ (adj.) very careful about something in an extremely careful or exact way
14.____________________ (adj.) harsh-sounding, unmelodious
17.____________________ (v.) to cause something that should be stopped (such as a bad idea or mistake) to continue
19.____________________ (adj.) impenetrable; not allowing something, such as water or light, to pass through; not capable of beign affected
20.____________________ (adj.) showing a polite and friendly desire to avoid disagreement or argument
21.____________________ (adj.) so small or so unimportant as to warrant attention
22.____________________ (n.) dishonest behavior meant to be tricky
1.____________________ (n.) the mistaken use of a word sounding somewhat like the one intended but ludicrously wrong in the context
3.____________________ (adj.) angry and aggressive; showing a readiness to fight
4.____________________ (adj.) having a wavy surface, edge, or markings
5.____________________ (adj. disposed to do goodwill
6.____________________ (adj.) resistant to control, unruly
8.____________________ (v.) to corrupt or contaminate by adding something of poor quality
10.____________________ (v.) to move or be shaped like waves
11.____________________ (n.) someone who hates women
13.____________________ (n.) an indirect suggestion, a hint, an inkling
15.____________________ (n.) self-denial; denouncement
16.____________________ n. the study of beautiful, especially in art or literature; the artistic or beautiful qualities of something
18.____________________ (adj.) pleasing, charming, attractive

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